Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One-Liner Inevitable Showdown Between Good and Evil

In 2009, the government began abandoning any pretense of fiscal responsibility, constructing full-size, color Ziggy statues in front of any and all federal buildings. The one in front of the Lincoln Memorial has no pants.

"Those aren't ditto marks. I've been trying to write a message to my birth father for three years, but can't get past the opening quotes."

"What an odd place for me to meet the man who's been sending me those anonymous, creepy letters for so long! I sure hope the snipers are quick enough!"

Actually, I suspect that Ziggy is drawn more by the arrow itself in his continuous search for direction:

So compelled forward he is, into the Pre-existing Condition Ward, where he will receive a treatment for Flipper Foot and a new waist, thus gaining the ability to finally wear shoes and pants, the way he does whenever the artist forgets what planet he's on and draws the strip that way.

And on his continuing zombiewalking adventure, Ziggy passes another humorous, ironic juxtaposition of two different concepts. They can't all be zingers. And does Universal Press Syndicate have an overabundance of blue or are the color-ers just on some kind of blue kick?

Dang - nice art. Easily the best I've seen in some time, and Ziggy's body is drawn with something approaching normal dimensions. The joke is pretty good as well - I give this strip the "Gold-Plated Psychotic Neon Ziggy" award:

As you can tell from this post, it's that time of night.

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