Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Due Explanation: Why Ziggy?

This site came about in response to a mental turnaround of sorts that I've recently experienced. I never used to like Ziggy. I think that I used to lump it into the same category as exploitative schlock like The Born Loser or Cathy. Boy, was I wrong.

After reading the feature regularly I've grown to appreciate the little pantsless wonder. Once a week or so I'll see a fantastic, surreal strip - one that tops nearly everything else in the comics. Ziggy first caught my eye when I saw a strip featuring Ziggy's doctor, a manic gleam in his eye, saying "First we'll build up your strength for the x-rays!" as our protagonist sat terrified on an exam chair. The little hospital outfit he was wearing didn't vary much from his usual motif - just a different shade.

This one pushed me over the edge:

Ziggy lives in such an arbitrary universe, so strange and sad, that I can't help but to love the feature. In the only way I know how, I aim to expose the machinations of Ziggy, the great philosopher, the man-child who can say so much with nothing but a look of sad resignation and a favorite shirt.

So, stay tuned - it's going to be a fun ride.

EDIT: One more announcement - this is going to be a year-long project, after which I'll move onto something else. Whatever this turns into over the course of the next three hundred sixty-five some-odd days, I'll stick with it.

(adapted from previous remarks)

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