Sunday, April 13, 2008

Toying With Our Lives

My First Sunday Ziggy!

We've already seen Ziggy's life made a game by candy manufacturers and his valid product warranties turned into a platform for unnecessary reminders of his mortality. Now Ziggy's mind must prepare for a higher level of ambiguity: betrayal by our elected officials. No longer is safety sacrosanct: Washington is now officially gambling with our lives.

Perhaps it's a misguided attempt to introduce suspense or excitement into the daily commute. The "Ziggy. . ." in the upper-left corner certainly seems to be setting the stage for some tension. Then again, perhaps it's an attempt to remind us of the citizen's dilemma in a state run amok with power. Nevertheless, it's apparent by Ziggy's hopeless expression that the previous stresses in his life have taken their toll. We have no doubt what he sees:

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