Friday, April 11, 2008

A Moment of Repose

At first glance, Ziggy seems to be rocking himself to madness, perhaps in response to yesterday's fruitless search for guidance. The bags under his eyes attest that he's been at it for most of the night, manically pondering the elusive nature of meaning as he and his parrot rock to oblivion*.

But that's only the first glance. The second glance is far more nirvanic. If we assume that the bags in Ziggy's eyes are caused merely by lack of sleep and not by crushing, abject melancholy, then this strip can be read as a communion between man and nature. Certainly the parrot looks pleased - it knows that true meaning can be found only in the context of a friend. And that's about as sentimental as I feel like getting today.

I have tried to render the moment of communion for you:

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How completely serene. Anybody else notice that the undersides of Ziggy's feet appear to be concave and have a tread pattern?

(Possible additional themes: Shhh. . . go pet a cat.)

* The "Rocking to Oblivion" tour! Three days only - get your tickets online at etc., etc.

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