Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Consulting The Floating Head of Christopher Walken

This may not fit strictly within the Ziggy canon, per se, but it is my experience that some problems can only be solved via the Floating Head of Christopher Walken. Watch the journey unfold:

Remember, when you need sense, and you need it now, consult the Floating Head of Christopher Walken.

Actually, one thing that kept me from dissecting the moral of this strip is that there actually is a basis for this one: the Grapple, a gagatrocious attempt at spraying grape flavor all over an apple and selling it for several times the price. The idea is that children will want to eat it, for the same inexplicable reasons that they eat Pixy Stix and Lunchables. File the Grapple with green ketchup and purple pizza (the latter existing only in my imagination).

I'm not in my right mind today - we'll try again tomorrow.

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