Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Gee, I'd like to help you, but I burned out millions of years ago! What you see is merely a shadow!" The moral: Everybody who could help Ziggy is long dead. Tomorrow, Ziggy seeks assistance at the tomb of Mother Teresa.

The creator of Ziggy has said that the strip is an attempt to replicate the "little guy in a big world" feeling - something that it usually does well. Introducing outer space may be going too far, though - just how close is this star? Close enough to speak and be heard, or far enough not to fry the planet to charcoal briquettes? Remember, dwarf stars might look cute and cuddly, even apologetic, but they're not quite room temperature.

This is something of an odd strip, considering that knowledge of Carl's Jr. is required to understand it. I'm not even sure that this punchline makes sense to those with the appropriate context. Yes, Ziggy was rejected - we all expected that - but why? I'll write it off as a non sequitur and go to bed.

On an off-color note, what if the star isn't referring to the meal? What if the meal was an offering? Do the math.

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