Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pause Before the Claws

". . . Irreconcilable political differences! Y'see, Bubbles here isn't quite as fiscally conservative as I am! Our conversations tend to degenerate into shouting matches about alternative fuel sources and the pros and cons of the flat tax. Fix him or take him away."

A subtle touch: Look at the way in which Bitsy Pookums here regards his owner; It's a sidelong glance of absolutely unbridled hatred - the cold, slow-burning kind that cats are born with. The vet in turn regards the animal, adding up figures and considering the options available in her poor, underfunded institution. The place is a veritable meat grinder for abandoned animals.

Only Ziggy breaks the circle of apathy, completely unaware of the beautiful triangle of hate developing. In an attempt to achieve some kind of balance, the vet's stethoscope registers its disapproval by distancing itself as far away from that demon cat's knotted pelt as possible.

Finally, some of you may question the wisdom of Ziggy's hasty Henry VIII-style divorce from his feral foe. You would do well to consider the rodent situation in Ziggy's home:

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