Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Wow - the local supermarket has really started taking things into their own hands. Here we find a mass grave of grapes, de-seeded one by one, bagged up and sold by the pound. Here's a shot of typical grapes for comparison:

Notice the way that they're - y'know - connected together? The manic, almost leering look in that produce guy's face states very clearly that he has no problem separating each and every grape from its mother stem, then removing each and every seed. Keep in mind that these seeds are pretty tiny.

So what you've got on hand is a pile of grapes, each and every one guaranteed to have been in the hands of Beefy McPervert up there, and very, very porous. And the worst part is that they must be a delicacy somewhere. You just know that there's gotta be well-aged wine oozing out of the bottom of that little cart.

(Something about this guy's explanation creeps me out. That knowing look in his eyes as he says "-Think about it!" . . .)

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