Monday, April 21, 2008

It Begins

Listen - since the invention of the internet, computers talk to each other - I mean really talk to each other. And not just about boring stuff like packets and SDRAM; they talk about us. So it's not unreasonable to assume that this is organized computer revenge stemming from Ziggy's brilliant Kasparovian chess victory last Friday. When everything in our home is controlled by computer, we're going to be even more screwed; we'll have to watch our computers' feelings lest they get put off and bump our shower temperature up a couple hundred degrees.

So, Ziggy - you might think this is bad, but wait until your HomeBot has the power to turn you into a honey-baked ham at the slightest whim.

My philosophically-minded friend pointed out some unintentional depth in Friday's commentary, starting with this comment of mine:
Every time a computer loses a chess game the robot war is prolonged by fifteen minutes, and Ziggy's so accustomed to criticism that he'll probably fall for it.
My statement (at least the first half) may be literally true: Jeff pointed out that the granddaddy killer robot in the Terminator mythos actually started out as a chess machine. If I could tap into the vast humor-writing potential of my subconscious I'd be unstoppable. Heaven knows that my conscious mind isn't tossing me any freebies.

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