Monday, April 14, 2008

Future Hazy - Please Try Again Later

The worst part is that this is what she saw.

I like this strip - something about the way the words all run together at the end gives it an impromptu air. And if the arcane soothsayer's words are to be trusted, it's implied that Ziggy may remain single for his entire life. If that's the closest that she can get to a future love experience, I'd like to suggest that Ziggy go all the way and try out the celibate lifestyle. Something about his appearance in this strip suggests that he'd make a good monk.

Of course, if Ziggy's going to become a monk, now would be a good time for him to start following Biblical counsel: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." - Exodus 22:18. Inspiring words if I've ever heard them. There may never be a better chance to blame the messenger while tasting sweet, sweet okey-dokey-in-the-eyes-of-the-Almighty revenge.

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