Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Grease in the Wheels of Apathy

The tendency when analyzing a strip like this is to make a wry comment about procrastination, or to criticize the mental state of one whose view of life is a constant series of things to avoid.

But that wouldn't be fair at all. Consider the following: Despite his trademark self-deprecation, Ziggy is such an overachiever that he gets up at around 12:20 in the morning, just as the sun is going down:

The sun outside is merely evidence that the days are getting longer; it's a sunset.

Furthermore, I know lazy, and lazy definitely isn't color-coordinating your pajamas or laying your slippers down in a neat little row, exactly as you'll need them in the morning. Granted, these could both be signs of obsessive-compulsion, but I'd prefer to think that Ziggy's actually highly motivated, as evidenced by the fact that he didn't just fall asleep wearing yesterday's T-shirt. And have you noticed how well he's made his bed? His nighttime terrors have barely ruffled the covers.

Viewed in this light, we're actually looking at a commentary on the importance of a healthy sense of humor. Heaven knows that none of us are as clever as this the moment that we rise from bed.

And, Ziggy - speaking of the morning routine: one of these might help with your flossing problem.

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