Thursday, April 10, 2008

Enlightment is a 20-Watt Bulb

Having battled a lifelong struggle with apathy and despair just below the threshold of self-loathing, Ziggy burns his life savings in a quietly desperate search for the last bastion of truth in the world. Unfortunately, he finds that the cartoon archetype of the wise mountain sage is no longer a certainty; like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the American Dream, this "guru" has succumbed to the empty charms of the hip, perky modern age - he no longer sets spiritually-weary travelers on the path to inner peace. This former seer's new peers are magazine columnists and cutthroat celebs, and the closest he will ever get to the mysteries of the universe is his new column opposite the horoscope.

Even as Ziggy treads on the man's beard, he ponders the long, long trek back home, the fallibility of role models and the shot glass in which he will keep his remaining faith in mankind.

(Possible additional themes: The correlation between terrain and meditational quality, Modern disillusionment in popular archetypes, Man's search for meaning in an uncaring universe)

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