Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anthony Robbins Better Get a Load Of This. . .

Ziggy's nose appears to be avoiding this exhortation toward assertiveness, gradually migrating its way toward the back of his head. I mocked it up in PhotoShop and eventually decided to protect you all from the image.

Though it's a great deal more interesting if we posit a sort of a riddle: if this were a "pull" door, then it would be truly fiendish for the door to suggest that sheer stubborn willpower would be enough to bend its firm hinges in the correct direction and allow entry. In this way the door is a sort of "guard" as well as an obstacle - a sentry to certify that only the truly intelligent will be granted the volatile gift of assertiveness. The world will not soon fall before the inscrutable powers of a newly-confident Ziggy.

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