Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Morose Encounters

As Ziggy undergoes his yearly version of the Hajj to places of deep-seated paranoia and distrust, he runs into an escapee of sorts. The appearance of this otherworldly traveler seems inappropriate considering the timeline of the events in question; could this critter have been crawling for 61 years?

Actually, this little space evader (haw!) has just as much right to call the Earth home as we do; as the child or grandchild of a real tootin' extraterrestrial, he was probably raised here, and is accustomed to all of the trappings of Earth life that survived through that Godforsaken laboratory. At any rate, though it's tough to tell which will be eating the other alive, the fact that this strip is called Ziggy and not Exhausted Nude Green Spaceman affords us a guess.

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