Friday, November 14, 2008

More topical humor

Aw, Ziggy was so excited to go to the bank today that he color-coordinated his outfit with the teller's desk! I wish bad checks really bounced, and that the universe interpreted a few more things literally as well. For example, if "rednecks" really had red necks you could know at a glance who not to hire as a public speaker (granted, in lieu of a crimson nape those people courteously give you other hints as to their status in society, mullet haircuts and t-shirts tucked into faded jeans among them). Imagine if partisan senators actually "drank the Kool-Aid", as it were. You could look at that plastic cup and know who shouldn't be put in charge of a bypartisan committee.

I hate to end on this note, but I think that Ziggy might be courting the teller at this bank.

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