Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One-Liner Tuesday

Welcome to One-Liner Tuesday, where I blow through five Ziggys so you don't have to. More astute readers may notice that I often use two or three lines on One-Liner day. This troubles my little OCD mind more than it should:

Everybody else's self-worth fluctuates with market conditions; I don't see why Ziggy should get a pass. Even that flower is stooping over in solidarity.

If this were Garfield, we'd have to sit through a "What's in this coffee?" joke. Seriously though - what?

Pushing Ziggy into insulin shock is the only way the hospital can keep billing Medicare. So the Z's in the hospital - does this mean the toaster thing was a hallucination?

If I found dialysis that cheap I'd go for it.

"But then it was cold, and goats starting biting my hair making me generally of a cantankerous and angry disposition. And if that's not inner peace, I don't want to know what is."

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