Sunday, March 1, 2009

One-Liners Worth Fighting For Sunday

"Why are all of the mountains different colors? Why do I have a three-foot peak stuck up my tookus? When you can answer these questions, you will be worthy to sit on Peak No. 4G, three over and two to the left."

"Avaricious" is the word to describe this person. When you work for an organization that essentially cannibalizes people, devours their essence, then crushes their spirits it's only fitting to look the part.

Better caption: "Hey, Slick! Can I get some mutha******* birdseed over here!?"

Yup - Ziggy's slick. His pants slide right off.

Lesse - Ziggy's car should have "Republican Party" written across it, his head tattooed "newly-inclusive Conservatism" and the road "The Shadow of Bush." Am I forgetting anything?

Ziggy was not meant to be drawn from this perspective, unless we are to understand that he reproduces asexually. No - he's like a lizard! And when you cut off his nose, out grows another Ziggy!

Goodnight, everybody!

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