Thursday, July 17, 2008

Persons Unknown To You

I love these little mixups - remember the little coup with the Sailor Moon underpants? In this case Ziggy's obviously holding a bag that should never have made it through airport security in the first place. Barring the possibility that Delta Airlines has pegged Ziggy as some kind of flamboyant, homosexual dominatrix pirate (a most provocative image if ever there was one), you'd think that the Jolly Roger could still strike a bit of fear into the travel industry, despite its long fall from prominent use. I hope Ziggy manges to reclaim his proper bag - the one with the sequined daisies - soon.

On an unrelated note, even if the ol' skull and crossbones no longer represents modern piracy, we all know what it's come to mean and that it means nothing good:

I fancy meself a funnyman, apparently.

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