Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Clutching Beanie Feels Loved

Wow - Ziggy's special Clutching Beanie is really getting a workout this week. I think it's one of those folding models that changes color when you flip it inside out. "I need it to pay off my ATM fees!" Ziggy explains nervously. Don't worry, Ziggy - we're with you on this one. Many of us recognize the monetary benefits of having a special Clutching Beanie, and a few of us even have special Clutching Beanies of our own, or some other FDIC-recognized equivalent.

Today, though, Ziggy seems to be retreating into his beanie, almost fetal in his craving for security. If things keep going this way, he might have to use the thing to cover his nether regions when he's naked and homeless.

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