Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Green Team

I noticed this Superteam has attempted a matching color scheme. I don't think the bird is pissed for want of a higher position than sidekick - after all, he was a cult leader last week - but because superhero teams are actually supposed to do things.

I've been lacking in philosophy for some time, now, and seeing as it's the stated goal of this blog to find philosophy in unlikely places, I'm going to have to answer my inner voices of responsibility and get cracking.

Patent absurdity of the talking pet situation aside, our protagonist's situation seems to mirror the plight of the modern everyman who, having filled his life with devices of convenience, comfort and mobility, suddenly reaches a point where an uncomfortable paradox sets in: an oversaturation of free time and leisure with no real avenue of escape. In other words, our modern man, suddenly able to go everywhere and do everything, is suddenly left with nothing at all to do.

Amidst the blaring electronic equipment in the house, blistering speeds reachable by the internal combustion engine, and instant communication all over the world, we hit the Saturation Event Horizon and are left with nothing to watch, nowhere to go, and noone to talk to. I've read stories that modern man is getting dumber. And that's the only world that's scarier than a return to the Dark Ages of production and technology, and you can already start to see it now: a world full of comfortable, unmotivated people who sit alone in their nice houses getting upstaged by their pets.

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