Monday, September 22, 2008

Update: Props to Francesco Marciuliano

And now, a brief break from Ziggy for the following personally-relevant anecdote:

Reading the blog of the very funny Francesco Marciuliano, the writer of the always pleasant newspaper comic Sally Forth and the slightly more subversive Medium Large (a webcomic which, in my view, does a bang-up job of combining the aesthetics of a syndicated comic with the chaos of an electronic one), I was surprised to see this feature listed among 30 some-odd others as a friendly blog (a blog which receives his recommendation, presumably along with the 30 some-odd others in the list).

Well, you've made a powerful friend, Francesco! I knew I was a fan from the moment I saw this wonderful image:

Francesco's blog post is now more than a month old, so I haven't come close to explaining the insane traffic spike Ziggy Liberated has received today. Guess I'll just keep on Googlin'. Maybe somebody else appreciates my special brand of referential puns and nonsense.

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