Monday, January 12, 2009

A Piping Hot One-Liner Monday - Incomprehensibilities Galore

A Christmas color-bedecked Elmer Fudd pauses to notice the clever inversions of typical holiday displays.

Does the fact that I don't get this in the slightest reflect negatively on my intelligence? I understand the concept of being served a literal tomato, but the "surprise a tomato" part of the joke may be a little too obtuse for me.

This strip further cements Ziggy as a surreal thinking individual's strip, or at least an incomprehensible one. Where is the mainstream description of wine as "amusing"? I thought we stopped this sort of thing at "tannic."

Case in point. Ziggy has gone positively Zen in a "one hand clapping" sort of way, wherein shopping is a spiritual, transcendent experience rather than an attempt at capitalistic exchange.

MENSA Question #117: This cartoon depicts an unlikely situation. Why would this not work?

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