Friday, January 23, 2009

Vāyu, on refulgent car come to the drinking of the juice

Two contemplative travelers meet in the night. Torchlight leaves epic shadow.

Selections from Bodanga, an apocryphal Vedic writing

1. GURU, the bearded one, is led forward in a search for glory.
A sandaled one pursuing a God rejected.
2. Resplendent, his beard represents a funny geographical
formation, a scion bedecked in false robes, yet sincere.
3. Oh Rebus, give us riches, feed us with wisdom and with
the unbearable presence of the King.
4. And ask him if he will perform "Blue Suede Shoes" for us.

My apologies to ethnic Indians, orthodox Hindus, and anybody else who respects ancient scripture sufficiently not to parody it for a lark.

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