Friday, June 6, 2008

A Three-Legged Dog Walks Into a Bar

Ten Reasons Why We Do Not Have
Dog-Focused Reality Television:

10. The canine kingdom, as a whole, do not represent a particularly-influential consumer group.

9. Dogs are generally incapable of changing channels, or, indeed, of comprehending anything at all.

8. Dogs are generally subject to the whims of their masters, most of whom do not share the same interests.

7. An early ratings dropoff is inevitable as various moving and fragrant objects distract the target viewing audience.

6. Dogs' genitals wag all over the place when they walk. It would never get past the censors. I'm just sayin'.

5. Actually, 6 more than deserves two spots.

4. The closed-captioning work would be repetitive.

3. Dogs have higher priorities than TV-watching, such as sniffing their own excrement.

2. Even dogs aren't stupid enough to watch reality television.

1. Nobody wants to see an hour of this:

(Is it just me, or is Ziggy's dog taking a huge poop on the floor in disapproval?)

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