Sunday, June 1, 2008

Knowing Others is Wisdom, Knowing the Self is Enlightenment

This one makes me scream inside. On yet another wacky pilgrimage to the top of Mount Inner Peace, Ziggy encounters some homophonic topical humor, asking the guru what happened to the guru. America finds its "hip" consumer culture in a precarious position, and, on this tiny, isolated mountain in the middle of nowhere, it's no different.

Once again, we see evidence that this wise old mountain sage is leagues more wayward and lost than any of us, yet Ziggy still trusts in his wisdom. Perhaps he can't see past the beard and the robe to the confused, scared soul within, or maybe he has far too much invested in such an arduous journey to feel any well-justified disappointment. Either way, it's a long trek down. Ziggy might want to see to installing a ski lift for future fruitless hikes.

The upside? We've been right calling him "guru" all this time.

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