Sunday, June 1, 2008

Travel Times

Left: Some ethnic humor in the last couple of Ziggys. I suspect that the May 30's strip (on the left) may be a reference to common computerized telephone messages: "To continue in English, press 1." In this case, it's more like: "To continue in English, do not turn right toward Central America." Ziggy must follow the beckon of the freakishly-oversized signs. I love the trademark ellipses before and after the phrase, as well as the unecessary boldface.

Right: This strip is a little more controversial - the travel agency has apparently hired a woman for whom "ethnic" is synonymous with "cheap and tawdry." The unnecessary bolding for "ethnic" really drives the point home. Ziggy looks freakishly huge compared to the receptionist.

I'd like to suggest another solution to Ziggy's budget concerns - I'm sure he'd find loads of people willing to rub his head for a dollar.

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