Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bitter Harvest

Having misplaced his trust into the hands of purported experts, Ziggy now reaps the bitter harvest gleaned through ill-pointed reliance. The empty uniform on the left regards Ziggy with a sort of indignant suspicion, shrugging off his incompetence with the sort of wishy-washy explanation that his charge is likely to accept, while indirectly assigning blame to the one who called this "expert" in the first place.

The mechanic on the right (who we know is a different guy because his hat and jumpsuit are different colors, obviously) has apparently bypassed mere incompetence in favor of pure unbridled insanity, committing punny acts of Amelia Bedelia proportions. Ziggy is an apt target for mechanical misconduct - his world lacks the concept of malpractice suits or even well-founded anger. Even when individuals wrong him, Ziggy rarely assigns blame, more likely ascribing the mistreatment to the wheels of an inscrutable universe.

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