Sunday, May 4, 2008

Little Green Mensch

I'll admit that Ziggy's wardrobe holds more interest for me than the otherworldly scene being played out here. It seems that, in direct conflict with my statements three days ago, a Ziggy in pants is not an aberration. He's also donned the cap and collar of a Britain, which go well with his size 36 shoes for Bigfoots and other podiatrically-gifted individuals. Just another homely Britain, out for a walk, mumbling to himself. "Tut, tut, it looks like aliens! Ho ho! Sip a spot of tea, tally ho good chap, wettin' gee a golly whistle on the odds bodkins, never mind the bollocks," and so on. Oh, the mirth.

Now, on to the plot. An alien being draws neat little circles on his notepad, while his identical derriere-headed assistant stares absentmindedly at the foliage in front of the saucer. I can see why Standing Alien is in charge of the project.

Just here to check up on your "control group", eh, Zort? That means that there's another group of humans somewhere, probably somewhere else in space. Just a quick question, though:

Just what on Earth (so to speak) is happening to your other group!? Also, where did you get those clipboards!?

Presumably, the aliens are performing horrible experiments on some of Ziggy's fellow humans. "Subject shows no signs of profuse bleeding from the eyes, nor of any enormous tumors like the other subjects. Further investigation is needed but it seems that homo sapien reacts differently to microwave radiation than our species." Again: oh, the mirth!

Finally, that's one mighty well-drawn tree on the right side.

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