Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Soldier Will Fight Long and Hard For a Bit of Colored Ribbon

If there's anything that consistently cooks my goose it's an honor system. Though my crippling , almost OCD-like sense of self-consciousness removes my desire to actually cheat the system, it just feels like an economic disadvantage to pony up the cash for something when there's no beefy guard with a handgun to make you. The honor system lowers prices a little, but it sure makes me feel like a huge loser.

I've got nothing on Ziggy, though. He's obviously left his watch at home and is paralyzed by the thought of exceeding his allotted five minutes should he swing. A well-reasoned point, it turns out: There's not a soul around for miles, but Ziggy's entire life is on a two-week delay before it's on every morning paper on every coffee table in America, and he knows it.

Check out the astonishing change in Ziggy's stance from yesterday. He's flipped and turned blue and that's it.

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