Saturday, May 17, 2008

Animal House - Double Play

My schedule has beaten the heck out of me as of late, so today you're seeing double. Both of these are pretty funny if you stop to look at them:

Remind you of something?

Both pictures depict that moment of pure bestial malice and confident rage wherein the soul abandons the body, the pupils of the eyes vanish, and the sight of soft, supple prey supplants all rational thought. Where man has seen these eyes there can be only pain, death, and finally a large, off-color spot on the floor peppered with scraps of fabric and the signs of struggle.

What a change in demeanor from the parrot's last appearance. Reckon he's caught the yellow fever.

What an odd request for this jumpsuited pest control teen-turned bounty hunter - a rescue mission for personal belongings. The objectives of this mission are a great deal more subtle than the usual "Let none survive!" instructions given to fumigators.

Good luck with that, Ziggy. Jumpsuit Gas Man's constant on-the-job exposure to the potent fumes of his trade has shot his comprehension to hell. You'd have better luck giving instructions to the duffel bag at your feet.

And what of the mice? For a species whose goal is to lay low and forage quietly out of sight, these mice sure go to a lot of trouble to draw attention to themselves. Why, they'll be making off with the insulin next! I'm sure Ziggy would kill for some of Garfield's mice - they mostly just want to make friends. On the rare occasion that they, for example, make off with the entire refrigerator, they at least do so in a comical manner. Ziggy's mice mainly stay out of sight, tormenting him from the safety of their lairs. In fact, Ziggy's got such an inferiority complex that he's the one who feels excluded:

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