Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ziggy and the Mothers of Invention

Actually, this is about the only cliched cartoon situation that we've seen Ziggy in for the past few days. Nevertheless, the cartoon archetype of the psychologist's couch is an important one, provided that you're The Far Side or a Johnny Hart strip.

No - the numero uno newspaper comic cliche is banality, something which Ziggy regularly attempts to deliver in spades but manages nonetheless to be interesting. Geez - can I see a Cathy without talking toilets? Or a Mary Worth without characters buying ineffective drugs from psychedelic vending machines? On the first day of this blog Ziggy was held captive in a bank by the bank's employees. Cliche? Hardly.

I can already picture Freudy McBoredbeard's recommendation: break the fourth wall, once a week, until the feeling of déjà vu subsides.

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